You Need To Remember These 3 Things Before Digging Into That Bowl Of Your Favourite Pasta

You Need To Remember These 3 Things Before Digging In That Bowl Of Your Favourite Pasta

You Need To Remember These 3 Things Before Digging In That Bowl Of Your Favourite Pasta (Image credit – Pexels)

The Italian delicacy Pasta has gained recognition across the globe for its unique taste and flavour. Made from an unleavened dougg of wheat flour mixed with water or eggs, there are many different types of pasta. Also, food creators across the world have been coming up with various recipes to enjoy this delicacy.

Well, before you dig into that bowl of your favourite pasta, there are some things you need to remember for good health. An Ayurvedic expert took to her social media and shared the 3 things to keep in mind while cooking or eating pasta.

Dr Dimple Jangda wrote while sharing the video, “Did you know that the recommended serving size for pasta is just 2 ounces? But we quite often end up eating almost 9 ounces of pasta a day, which makes this an unhealthy habit. So here are 3 ways to ensure you keep that pasta healthy and delicious.”

Load up on the veggies – While eating pasta, ensure to order a side salad, preferably steamed or sautéed with olive oil and herbs. This helps curb the hunger pangs. And we often tend to go overboard with carbs, due to its delicious taste. So, ensure to balance your pasta serving with equal amount of vegetables for fibre.

Replace refined flour pasta with whole grains or even millet-based pasta – This helps prevent leaky gut syndrome associated with refined flour, as it is stripped of its nutritional value and is not easy to digest. This type of pasta is almost completely void of fiber and protein, two vital nutrients for weight loss. So, replace this instead with whole grains and millet pasta which satisfies your craving and keeps you from gaining excess weight.

Do not mix white sauce with red sauce – Red sauce is made from tomato which is a rich source of vitamin C and citric acid. Whereas white sauce is made of dairy product which has lactic acid. When these two acids meet, they cause undigested metabolic waste that lies in the stomach and gut for hours together as the body is unable to absorb nutrients from it or eliminate it. Choose one sauce at a time and enjoy it thoroughly.

She further added, “And if you are going to eat Italian food, eat it like an Italian. Use a liberal amount of cold pressed olive oil, which helps lubricate your GI tract and move digested foods smoothly, thus preventing the pasta from sitting in ur gut for hours together. The Italians sure nailed it with the olive oil!”

Disclaimer: Information mentioned in the article is for general purposes only and should not be construed as professional advice.

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