I’m a foodie & have the ultimate three-ingredient pasta recipe – it’s delicious and takes less than 15 minutes to make

A WOMAN has unveiled the meal she used to make as a student that still ticks all the boxes for her as an adult. 

We all remember what it was like making meals for the first time as a late teen at University. Between going to classes and enjoying the parties in the evenings, making dinner was rather low on the priority list. 

A woman has shared her easy three-ingredient pasta dish


A woman has shared her easy three-ingredient pasta dishCredit: TikTok/@dishesbydaisy
Daisy said she made this as a student


Daisy said she made this as a studentCredit: TikTok/@dishesbydaisy
Daisy raved about how easy, cheap and delicious the meal is


Daisy raved about how easy, cheap and delicious the meal isCredit: TikTok/@dishesbydaisy

But when you found that one dish that hit the spot, it was probably one that stayed with you as you grew up – like a one pan gourmet dinner or this ‘lazy b***h’ Thai noodle meal

Well, this is exactly what Daisy felt when she made the perfect three-ingredient pasta meal as a student and has since found herself making it time and time again as an adult. 

Taking to her social media, she shared: “This three-ingredient pasta was one of my go to dinners as a student because it’s delicious, cheap to make and ready in 15 minutes.” 

Daisy then instructed her viewers to empty a can of tomatoes into a pan alongside some water and a “generous pinch of salt”. 

I’m a mom of 4 - my kids' favorite meal is ready in 10 minutes & 2 ingredients
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“Cook around five to 10 minutes and then mash this up and add in a generous amount of double cream,” she went on, demonstrating the process.

She then added in 250 grams of cooked Penne pasta. 

“Mix it all together and serve with some parmesan,” she added as the video came to an end. 

In the caption, she added: “3 Ingredient Tomato Pasta! One of my fave dinners as a student.” 

Viewers flocked to the comments section of TikTok user @dishesbydaisy as one person wrote: “I do this exact sauce but I add onions, garlic and mushrooms too. Your one is such a great budget one xx”. 

Another said: “Definitely worth trying!! Thanks for this wonderful meal idea,” followed by a 100 emoji. 

“Omg I’m cooking right now,” a third stated as a fourth wrote: “Bro i made this today after uni but used mozzarella instead of parm. Solid recipe and thanks”. 

While another argued: “Parmesan? In this economy??” to which she replied: “It was “hard Italian cheese” so not actually Parmesan,” followed by a crying with laughter emoji.

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