Alex Guarnaschelli’s Go-To Method To Dress Up Non-Dairy Pasta Sauce

As it turns out, that’s not the only dairy-free option Food Network chef Alex Guarnaschelli turns to when it comes to crafting delicious meals. Guarnaschelli believes that lemon can enhance the taste of many dishes, as well as pasta sauce. While speaking to Insider, she suggested adding a spoonful of pasta water to a pan of garlic cloves cooked in olive oil, lemon zest, and some ground-up, toasted almonds to create a one-of-a-kind sauce to coat your pasta. The end result is a taste that is both citrusy and earthy. In addition to being dairy-free, this lemon fresh pasta sauce is quick and easy to make, meaning you can throw it together on a busy work night. 

Don’t skimp on the pasta cooking water, either. This liquid gold is an essential component in dairy-free sauces because it acts as the adhesive element that helps the sauce stick to the pasta. The starchy nature of pasta water makes it the perfect ingredient to add to both dairy and dairy-free pasta that is made in a pan.

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